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First Touch Ag+ Bamboo Blanket - Amarant navy XL

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The most delicate ever, two-sided blanket - perfect from the first moments of life. 

Blanket First Touch is 100% of naturalness and delicacy, 

It becomes even more delicate with each washing. 

Besides all advantages of bamboo fiber, blanket is also covered with the flecks of silver, to provide even better care for all those little customers suffering with the skin problems, atopic dermatitis (atopic dermatitis) and allergy sufferers.

Silver Plus Protection!

Silver used in the form of nanoparticles does not sensitize, does not irritate the skin, nor has toxic properties. Metal droplets do not get from the fabric to the skin. In addition to the most important action of combating bacteria, the biostatic fabric (the Sliver Plus formula) has other advantages. It prevents the development of house dust mites. They do not disappear completely, but they do not increase in number. 

Regular sleep in bed sheets of biostatic cotton (the Sliver Plus formula) reduces inflammation and improves skin condition; Does not absorb odors, eg sweat. This is especially important because the Silver Plus Protection formula keeps the smell fresh even after long use. Not electrified. Eliminating the potential of electrical charges (especially positive ones) reduces our irritability and chronic fatigue.

Moreover, it is impossible to overlook the most important properties of bamboo:

 3 x A: antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergic
 Free of pesticides and impurities
 Water absorption by 60% than ordinary cotton
 Self-sterilization (the fabric in 30% itself sterilizes, which gives a sense of freshness)
 Neutralization of unpleasant odors (absorbs unpleasant odors and returns only when washed in water), full biodegradability

Sizes: 120 x120 cm

Material: 100% Bamboo fiber


Bamboo Blanket

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