Mint Sorbet - 100% Bamboo Tender Blanket

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Knitted blanket 100% Bamboo with a hood and coloured tassels. It is recommended especially for the little ones with delicate skin.

Made from 100% bamboo yarn of the highest quality, without any admixture of cotton. It is very light, openwork, elegant. It has the unique properties of thermoregulation. Bamboo fibre is especially perfect during warm weather – it gently covers the body, but does not overheat. Moreover, bamboo has antibacterial properties, it absorbs smells (which it „reflects” only while washing), quickly absorbs moisture and is biodegradable. Yarn: 100% CV Bamboo, which we use, is completely made and processed in Europe and is certified by OEKO Certificate. Our products are not only safe, but also comfortable to use and durable.

Moreover, don’t forget the most important properties of bamboo:

  • 3 x A: antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic
  • free from pesticides and pollution
  • water absorption by 60% than usual cotton
  • self-sterilization (in 30% textile is sterilized by itself, giving a feeling of freshness)
  • neutralize unpleasant smells (absorbs bad smells and “reflects” it only while washing)
  • full biodegradability

Colorants are human-friendly and environment-friendly, which is confirmed by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certificate. Exceptional advantages of bamboo fabric are confirmed by researches done by Passage Cosmetics Laboratory and the lab of Padmed company, as well as by positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. op-4333.

As with all our products, a blanket can be washed in washing machine, „flat drying” is recommended – so it always stay in shape and will serve you for many years!

Sizes: 80 x 80 cm

100% Bamboo Tender

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