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Little Herrings - King Pack Feeria

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The Feeria King Pack Set: consists of a large bag that can be mounted on a carriage, an organizer, a changing mat and a small purse.

Large Bag and Small Purse set: you will never run out of storage space with this large, classic bag.

A must-have accessory during a walk in the park and an eye-catcher during a business meeting. Weekend trip? Sure, hop in! The universal, 'shopper' shape will work great at a mall, or any kind of store. The bag is built to endure, as we've made it from a strong and waterproof fabric. It's easy to clean and as versatile as it gets - look closely and you'll notice a snap hook system that allows you to attach it to a baby carriage, change its shape and application. The leather straps will fit any carriage and organizer.

Feeria means possibilities: the set also contains a small purse with a handle that you can attach to a large bag.

We thought to ourselves: why not let you keep your wallet, keys and other precious belongings close by? Well, here's the answer to that problem. And after a day's work feel free to take it with you for a night out. 

The organizer: 

Nobody knows better what it means to go for a walk and what things to take than a mom. And what kind of preparation is needed to make sure that nothing gets left behind!

Well, we do too! So here you are, the Feeria organizer, at your service. Universal straps to mount it onto a carriage, 4 compartments - 2 on the inside, 2 on the outside - can hold a lot of things and perhaps most importantly, they will be easy to reach at all times. Bottles, clothes, diapers, cosmetics, and toys. Don't forget the toys! We made sure that you don't have worry about leaving anything behind. The organizer can easily be strapped onto our Large Bag to transform into a great set. Bags, organizers, and changing mats are made of the same materials and will go great together. Ready for a walk?

The Feeria changing mat:

Yet another addition to our ever growing family of the Feeria products. Perfect for any modern and well-organized mom!

Two-sided, waterproof and filled with lightweight fabric, to make changing diapers as comfortable for the baby as possible. The material is easy to quickly fold, unfold and clean. Won't take up too much space and will prove super-useful from the get-go.

Purse size: 20 x 15 cm, (+/- 2 cm)

Bag size: 57 x 36 cm, (+/- 2 cm)

Organizer size: 36 x 26 cm, (+/- 2 cm)

Changer size: 36 x 56 cm, (+/- 2 cm)

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