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Designed to provide the child with maximum comfort during walks in autumn and winter.

ASPEN WINTERPROOF STROLLER BAG is a sleeping bag for special tasks. Protects against cold, wind, rain and snow. Thanks to two integrated elements: the upper and lower part of the sleeping bag grows with the child - enough for the entire period of the carting. It is a 3in1 model - dedicated to the gondola, stroller, and car seat. It will also work great as a sledge bag.

The new, modular model of the ASPEN Winterproof winter sleeping bag is made of special, durable materials:
• the external quilted layer is a waterproof nylon with a pattern designed by La Millou
• the inside of the sleeping bag is filled with a warm and soft layer of elegant velvet
• an additional internal layer of waterproof nylon protects against wind, cold and moisture
• the head cover is a warm hood finished with stylish artificial fur, which can be optionally detached
• the hood has sewn elastic bands that allows adjusting its size
• fluffy antiallergic filling 400 gr.
• sliders are waterproof

The modular design and special lock system of the Aspen Winterproof sleeping bag allows to adjust the size of the stroller bag for Small size, and Medium size.
• toddler sleeping bag (size S) - optional for a gondola and car seat (length including hood - 85 cm). Thanks to 3 separate locks, it can be opened on both sides, as well as at the bottom, which gives the possibility of partial discovery, ventilation of legs, or, for example, diaper change.
• Medium-sized sleeping bag (size M) - the sleeping bag in this version is composed of two parts - S sleeping bag and extension (30 cm). These two elements are connected with each other using a special waterproof zipper. The extension part is lined inside with a dull, waterproof nylon to prevent it from getting dirty from the shoes. Just as the size S extends independently on the sides, as well as from the bottom when you need to reveal the legs of the child.
• in both options, the zippers can also be moved apart to remove the entire duvet, which gives a soft, warm pad to the trolley.

In addition, the sleeping bag uses high-quality rubber locks personalized with the La Millou logo.
Thanks to the holes in the back – stroller bag fits in most of the trolleys with a 5-point security
system. The Aspen Winterproof sleeping bag also has an additional pleat made of a material, at the back of the cap, which is placed on the back of the stroller to prevent the sleeping bag from slipping during use.

The colors of the ASPEN Winterproof collection allows you to combine accessories made of Velvet and La Millou patterns. You can also buy additional accessories from ASPEN Winterproof collection like longitudinal muffs, muff gloves, and bags. Also try products from our FEERIA collection – FEERIA bags, FEERIA organizers and backpack DOLCE VITA and organizers FEERIA or backpacks DOLCE VITA.

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