Angel's Wings - Blue Birds / Deep Ocean

Angel's Wings - Blue Birds / Deep Ocean

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Angel's Wings Pillow - head and neck support pillow, uniquely designed by a physiotherapist to alleviate the problem of an infant or toddler's head slumped over in a cramped, unsupported position.

It eliminates microshocks during bumpy rides in car or stroller, whether the child is awake or asleep and prevent their head from bobbing. It does not usurp the work of the neck muscles. It has a perfect fit to keep your child in a good position during a nap.

Pillow is double-sided, made of high quality 100% cotton on one side, the other is called a "minky" - dimpled and embossed plush material. 

Lightweight fill of no-allergic (antimicrobial and anti dustmite) polyester fibers provides the right temperature, the supply of oxygen and moisture and excellent sleeping comfort.

This multi-purpose pillow is handmade with great accuracy, using highest quality materials, packed in a linen ecological bag with a heart hanger, which it makes a perfect gift.

Although the product is suitable from birth, use only under the supervision of an adult, as all the products intended for babies and small children!


Material: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, Filling: fluffy fiber - silicone polyester

Size: 22 x 37cm ( 8.7 in x 14.6 in)

Restricted design. Certificates: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Made in EU

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