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Thermo Hen is an extremely practical and user-friendly toy. On the one hand it works like a hot water bottle holder and on the other, a cooling compress. And of course, it's a cuddly toy in the shape of our iconic hen, Granny Dana. It's the perfect friend who will make you happy, hug you and help you in any time of need!

Thermo Hen is made of soft and airy Minky or Velvet and the comb and wattle are made of printed cotton. The top and the bottom of the Thermo Hen is sewn onto a thin layer of fluffy fleece, which increases comfort. The inner pocket is made of Minky and cotton. Its shape and size ensure comfortable insertion and safe holding of the heating or cooling insert.

When you can use it:

  • Abdominal discomfort such as colic pains
  • In winter, during a long walk
  • Bruises and bumps
  • Fever

Information on how to use the thermal inserts (cold and hot packs - the filling is toxin-free and anti-allergic.)

How to use the cold pack?

The compress should be put to the fridge for two hours before use in order to cool it down.

Once it is removed from the fridge compress should be dried. Use with provided cover.

Placed on the sick area of the body. The first treatment shouldn't last longer than 10 minutes.

Contraindications: local chilblains, disorder of blood supply, do not use on irritated or injured skin.      

How to use the hot pack?

In order to activate the heater bend (do not break) " activator" placed inside. If necessary, repeat the procedure until crystallization starts. Wait a few seconds before the heat spread across the surface then softly knead the heater in the hands. How to prepare for reuse: Place the heater into the pot with hot water and cook it for about 6 minutes untill a complete dissolution of crystals. Cool down to the  room temperature. Protect the heater from scratches and damages. It is forbidden to use the heater if impermeability is breached. The product should be used under the supervision of an adult.

PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION: Never apply the insert directly to your child's skin, only through the tummy of the Thermo Hen. 

The product should be used under parental supervision.

Dimensions: height 26cm, width 31cm

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