Sloth - Papi / Audrey Mint

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My name is Gigi, and your name please tell me?
Who is mischievous and likes to freak?

Who likes to joke and make a trick?
There is a lot of fun adventures ahead,

But also we can go for ice cream instead 
I will always be your friend,

our friendship will never end!


Our sloths are cuddly made of fluffy fur. Filled with antiallergic nonwoven fabric.

They are very light and soft.

Thanks to the smartly and securely hidden magnets in all paws, sloths can hang in the position invented by the child.

Each of them is waiting for his toddler in his own box with a special dedication - a poem in which the cuddly will introduce himself to his new friend.

It's a perfect gift that will later be a great souvenir.

Size : 40cm x25cm

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