Feeria Premium "M" & Pouch - Fly Me To The Moon Nude

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A medium bag is a compact choice for mothers who like more universal solutions and a classic shopper bag shape.

Feeria Medium will fit a lot and will be a good companion not only when walking with a toddler, but also as a bag for work or for small shopping.

It will be a perfect bag for all occasions and it will last for long because we have made it from a durable and waterproof material. It is also easy to keep it clean. Now, thanks to the zipper, the bag is securely closed and the content is protected during bad weather.

We thought that some things, such as wallet, keys, or phone, you would always have at hand, so in the set, with the bag, you will also find a sachet with a handle, which can also accompany you in a successful evening as a clutch. The sachet, combined with an additional adjustable strap (to be bought separately), becomes a mini purse.

For the bag, you can choose a functional organizer and create your own multifunctional, stylish set completed with a pendant - a heart-shaped pendant.

The bag has been attached with mega durable handles that allow you to easily attach the bag so that it is at hand. The material from which the handles are made is a special elastic material, which will protect the bag from slipping on the handles of the trolley. Thanks to the carabiner hooks, the handles can be easily mounted and removed from the trolley.

The bag outside is made of waterproof and durable material. Inside of the bag we have used a waterproof Taslan, which is perfect for unexpected accidents.


1 large zip pocket, 33cm wide, 22cm high

2 small pockets for the phone, pacifier, wallet

3 medium pocket adjustable with an elastic band. 17cm wide, 18cm high

2 large pocket adjustable with an elastic band. 26cm wide, 21cm high

Carabiner and fasteners:

1 small carabiner on the key belt. 21cm

2 mounting brackets with catches. 23cm

1 Zip fastener

The set also includes:

- two mounting catches for the trolley.

- sachet, a mini bag for the most valuable things

- a heart that serves as a pendant or keyring

The color of the handles and catches on the trolley may differ from the one presented in the pictures due to different production batches.

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