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Feeria Premium "L" - Art of Kenya

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A large, classic shopper bag will provide space for all the necessary things needed to get out.

We know that for busy mums you need something more than just a bag. The Large bag is a comfortable helper on a walk and a real decoration of a business meeting, a weekend trip, and shopping trips. It will be a perfect companion always and for a very long time because we have made it from a durable and waterproof material. It is also easy to keep it clean.

Now, thanks to the zipper, the bag is securely closed and the contents are protected against bad weather.

Additionally to the bag has been attached very durable handles which allow you to easily attach the bag so that it is at hand. The material from which the handles are made is a special elastic material, which will protect the bag from slipping on the handles of the trolley. The outside of the bag is made of waterproof and durable material. Inside of the bag we have used a waterproof Taslan, which is perfect for unexpected accidents.


1 large zip pocket, 33cm wide, 22cm high

2 small pockets for the phone, pacifier, wallet

3 medium pocket adjustable with an elastic band. 17cm wide, 18cm high

2 large pocket adjustable with an elastic band. 26cm wide, 25cm high

Dimensions of Bag: 56 x 35 cm, (+/- 2 cm) 

The bag does not include the clutch or hooks!

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