Safety and quality control

All La Millou products are manufactured using only high-quality materials from safe sourceswhich is confirmed with proper Certificates of Safety. All fabrics, threads, and fillings are produced in accordance with OEKO Tex 100 Standard Certification.

La Millou toys are made in compliance with European directives regarding the production of articles for infants (including recent actualization dated July 20th, 2011).

Pacifier hanger clips have Certificates of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Oeko-Tex / Proud to be safe

All La Millou textiles that come into close contact with your child are approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1. Oeko-Tex guarantees that any textile that has passed the tests and been certified contains no substances hazardous to health at a concentration that could pose a health risk for human beings. The certificates issued to approved products are updated annually by Oeko-Tex. If a product is changed in any way, it undergoes testing for new certification. 

The textiles that come into contact with your child's skin have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1. This category comprises baby products that comply with the strictest human ecology requirements. The greater the contact between textile and skin (and the more sensitive the skin), the stricter the requirements. 

Oeko-Tex has the following parameters on its list of requirements and threshold limit values:

- Specifically prohibited AZO colourant

- Carcinogenic and allergenic colourants 

- Formaldehyde

- Pesticides; Chlorinated phenols; Chlorobenzenes and chlorotoluene

- Extractable heavy metals

- Colour-fastness; pH value; Phthalates in baby articles

- Organic tin compounds, organotins (TBT och DBT)

- Emission of volatiles; Odours

- Biologically active agents and flame retardant products are regulated separately

All products are filled with breathable hypoallergenic woven that is perfect for washing, as well as resistant to dust mites is, therefore, all the best for your baby's skin.

Our products can be washed in 30 degrees, not losing any colour or shape.

Our fabrics don't stain and dry very quickly, but cannot be tumble dried.